Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekend Wishlist

Happy Sunday! I'd be lying if I said I was bright eyed and ready for adventure, it's the day after Chris's birthday, so instead I'm sitting in the kitchen at 12:30 p.m. downing my second cup of coffee. This is what weekend's are for, right?
 photo OrchidGrey_MarchWeekendOutfit-2_zpsd8f1469b.jpg
// AA Tri-fold wallet (the whole 'festival wear' collection is so pretty)
// Shop Juju's Vintage 70s necklace - save 15% w/code 'zephyr15'
// New Old Fashion Vintage vintage Coach purse

A few more things that caught my eye this week...
... The color of this caged titanium quartz necklace from Seahag & Walrus is incredible! It reminds me of the night sky.

... Love the little owl bead on this meditation necklace from Be Well Gifts. Spring is the perfect time to start a meditation practice of your own.

... The perfect little polka-dot skirt for spring, from Mothership.

... This plaid poncho would be the perfect extra layer, from Velouria Vintage. - save 15% w/code 'orchidvtg'

... Aliya & Lucas has a ton of stuff on sale right now, including this incredible belt! Save 20% w/code 'orchidgrey'

... "Why I Don't Give a Shit About What Your Real-Life Barbie Looks Like", frankly I'm apt to agree. What are your thoughts?

... Camo print is so versatile, I'm loving these cute pants for spring.

... There is a 'Hipster Music Index'. Ugh?

... This lace midi dress would be perfect as a casual wedding dress, or for a nice night out. So pretty.

... Sneaker obsessed: These classic Nikes (under $100!), this sporty New Balance pair, these floral slip-ons.

... Take an extra 20% off sale at Asos! On my list: this polka-dot dress, this short sleeve midi dress, and this cute floral skirt.

... Forever 21 has some really cute stuff right now - this jumpsuit, these pants (I love wearing stuff like this around the house), this top, THESE SHORTS.


Anonymous said...

I read that article about the average-looking Barbie, and I'm all aboard the idea of praising and looking up to women for their abilities, and not their looks. Who cares if a woman is average looking or not - what can she DO? I know it will take a long time, if we ever even do, get to that point - but recognizing that this kind of artistic "stunt" isn't helping is a start. :-)

Oh, and I love the color of that Coach bag. Gotta go find something like that for summer!

Liz Lauren said...

Love the romper!!

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