Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Wishlist

The sun has finally made an appearance. After what felt like weeks of clouds, I woke to birds chirping like mad and some sun peeking through my curtains. I'm off to work on some projects, I'll leave you with a little warm-weather inspiration:
 photo February4_zps0f46b0b8.jpg
// ShopJuju's vintage abstract silver earrings - 15% off w/code 'zephyr15'
// AA leather Jerusalem sandal (remember sandals and bare feet?)

A few more things that caught my eye...
// Spring is the perfect time to start meditating, and this green aventurine mala necklace is the perfect thing to accompany your practice.  

// I love the contrast of organic and geometric shapes in this gorgeous necklace.

// This vintage New Kids on the Block concert tee is kind of the most amazing thing ever, save 15% w/code 'orchidvtg'

// Someone with tiny feet is going to get very, very lucky - these boots are incredible. Why must my feet be three sizes too big?

// Love this pretty 90s maxi dress, perfect for a spring evening. Save 20% w/code 'hellowinter'

// I've been looking for a great side table for what feels like forever, and this morning I think I found one!

// Eternally in awe of those Bueno girls - their latest adventure looks incredible.

// Great boots for all seasons. And a pretty, patterned dress to go with them.

// The science and engineering behind the Olympics - it's funny to see Shaun White's outfit on display like that.

// Chloe Sevigny's favorite places in Pittsburgh.

// Coffee cake banana bread? I think I know what I'm baking today!

// I have this in green and I am obsessed - now to get my hands on the cream version.

// A gorgeous idea for a wedding. And how gorgeous did Steffy look for her wedding?

Happy weekend!


BuenoBueno said...

Hey J- you need to come adventuring with us sometime! I imagine it would be more than awesome!

Grymche said...

I love your wishlist! If I can get my hands over these sandals for the summer I would be very happy :)

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