Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Edith Head + A Giveaway with the Pittsburgh Film Office

 photo edith-head-11nocropw1800h1330_zps70fdf48f.jpg
 Dorothy Lamour in The Hurricane

Costume design for film and theater has always interested me. While it's easy to appreciate great costume design at face value - a gorgeous dress is a gorgeous dress - it's the intricacies that go along with it that truly fascinate me. For theater, that might be sourcing clothes from different decades to represent a specific period of time (the 20s and the 70s shared similar silhouettes), for film it could be small differences in wardrobe to distinguish between major and minor characters. I love that there is a strategy behind the looks created for different roles, a collaboration of sorts between the director, lighting designers, and costume design.

I'm always interested to see who is up for Best Costume at the Academy Awards each year. A film could be terrible but still have wardrobe that shined bright enough for a nomination and a win. Since the Oscars are coming up this weekend, I'm sharing a few of my favorite looks created by Edith Head, arguably the most prolific of costume designers for stage and screen. Her personal style was pretty magical as well.This year's line-up of nominees is so very varied, I'm not sure who will win. While the looks created for The Invisible Woman are beautiful, there's something about the costume design for American Hustle that I find more intriguing.

Today I have something special for my Pittsburgh readers, I'm so excited to be partnering with the Pittsburgh Film Office to give away two tickets to this Sunday's Lights! Glamour! Action! event presented by Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. The giveaway is over on my Instagram (@OrchidGrey), so if you're in PGH (or close to it), and want to get dressed up and watch the Oscars with me (fancy dresses! champagne!), I'd love for you to enter!

 photo edith-head-08nocropw1800h1330_zps63ad2053.jpg
Ginger Rogers in Lady in the Dark
 photo edith-head-25nocropw1800h1330_zps8b7dc706.jpg
Paulette Goddard in The Cat and the Canary
 photo edith-head-17nocropw1800h1330_zps4553ecb1.jpg
Hedy Lamarr in Sampson and Delilah
  photo edith-head-28nocropw1800h1330_zpsb30765ba.jpg
Natalie Wood in The Great Race
 photo edith-head-29nocropw1800h1330_zps7f5144ac.jpg
Shirly Mclaine in What a Way to Go!
 photo edith-head-10nocropw1800h1330_zps4eaeb7cd.jpg
Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina
All images via NYMag


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