Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekend Wishlist

It was unseasonably warm today - a far cry from the negative temps we experienced earlier in the week. Naturally, I'm dreaming of bare legs and sunny days. Only a few more months!
 photo OrchidGrey_January2_zps0e9510aa.jpg
// ShopJujus Vintage Mod Minidress -- save 15% w/code "zephyr15"!

There's still time to enter to win $75 to Rain Caper!

A few more favorites from around the internet...
// Loving this vintage wrap cardigan from Velouria Vintage -- save 15% w/code 'ORCHIDVTG'

// I can't resist a good pair of vintage Levi's, loving this pair from Aliya & Lucas.

// A cute floral skirt from Wolf Mama Vintage -- save 20% w/code 'hellowinter'

// Pretty tasseled custom wrist mala meditation beads from Be Well Gifts.

// Super excited to be featured on Glitter Guide and Refinery 29 this week! (the R29 comments section is intense. woof.)

// This parka is so cute!

// I'm now obsessed with - seriously, if you want to get your email organized and unsubscribe from a bunch of things you didn't even know you were subscribed to, this is the answer.

// Love this gorgeous print.

// This quote struck a pretty serious chord with me, I now remind myself of that whenever I feel the urge to criticize myself.

// How to make the perfect pot of coffee, and the perfect coffee pot to make it in.

// More whiskey please.

// Oh Dolly, you're perfect.

// Raw cheesecake with chocolate ganache? Yes please!

// I found this through Danielle - this is supposed to be about the evolution of a family, but I think it's about the moms amazing style, right? Yeah, look at her awesome shoes!

Happy weekend!