Monday, December 2, 2013

A Few Small Goals For December

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Happy December! I'm so excited to be welcoming a new month. I love this time of year -- people are generally in good spirits, everything looks festive, and the cold weather still feels exciting. Chris and I had a wonderful, low-key Thanksgiving: we jumped the gun and bought our Christmas tree (early, but I want to enjoy it), had dinner with a friend, and then went out for beers and a movie (Catching Fire -- it was good!).

Even though I didn't technically accomplish all of my goals for November, I'm really happy with the way things went down: I went to yoga every weekend, but after a couple of classes I realized that I like the Sunday instructor and class time much better, so I've been enjoying starting my week off with Sunday evening yoga. While I'm not sure if I technically broke out of the style rut I felt I was in, I did have a couple of really good thrift dates with Chris, which helped solidify the direction I'd like to steer my closet and style in. I did not run the Turkey Trot. And I do not feel bad about it. Anyway, it was 20 degrees the morning of the race, ha! We took a leisurely Thanksgiving walk instead. And I got to work early -- at times abysmally early -- nearly every day this month. As much as I hate going in early, I love getting a jump start on my day.

It didn't take me long to figure out my goals for December, they're things that have been on my mind lately as it is:

// Volunteer at least once
My real goal here is to find two volunteer opportunities before Christmas. I really want to make volunteering a year-long thing, and I think finding something this time of year is a good place to start.

// Eat as clean as possible ... while still enjoying the holidays
I haven't been feeling too well lately, and I know this is in direct correlation to the amount of cheese I've been consuming. And wine. And treats. And cheese. It's time to get back on the horse, sort of. I'm still going to enjoy the social opportunities that spring up this time of year, but maybe just cut down on the stress eating at work.

// Make Christmas gifts & send out cards
i.e. dont procrastinate. I started making gifts and ornaments this weekend, and it felt so good to make something with my hands. I didn't realize how long it had been since I did a project expressly on my own accord, rather than for work. I absolutely have to make this a habit again.

// Try a new exercise routine
Lately my exercise routine has felt stale, save for the addition of yoga, it's been sort of the same for a long time. My goal this month? To try a spin class. I used to bike a lot so I'm thinking I'll like it? I hope I'll like it, because running kills me and the ARC machine is getting boring, and I need some sort of cardio to balance out the weights.

// Clean out my inbox
My email is a nightmare, a nightmare filled with sale messaging and newsletters that I don't delete. I've got to tackle this beast.

How about you? Any big plans this month?