Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Window Shopping: Bras for the Flat Chested

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Let's talk about boobs. Or, more specifically, bras. If you know me in real life, my disdain for The Bra is no secret, as a 32A I often feel it's the lingerie industry's prerogative to wrangle, pad, and underwire my chest into a sort of submission that just doesn't exist (I'm sure larger-chested ladies, and generally, ladies everywhere have similar feelings). And that's just not my thing. As a pre-adolescent I wore sports bras on the daily in hopes of fooling puberty, I wanted nothing more than to be flat as a board for life. To my chagrin, puberty had other ideas, and I turned out to be a 34B. That is, until I laid off the beer, started weight training, and lost my freshman fifteen, which, apparently was all in my boobs. I'm not complaining, and somewhere in history there's a 12 year old cheering victoriously. Small victories (ha).

Long story short, until fairly recently it hadn't occurred to me that as a flat-chested lady, I have little use for an underwire. What a revelation! Once I really started looking, I found numerous options available that not only came sans-wire, but with minimal padding as well. So today, I'm changing things up a bit and talking about the undergarments that have become tried and true staples in my wardrobe. If you're of a similar silhouette, or are simply looking for something that's comfortable and doesn't make you look like you're smuggling two torpedos (as many super padded, small-size bras are apt to do), check out my recs below:

Gap Modal Pull-over Bra (top left) -- A completely unstructured bra may not be for everyone, but I love this comfy, sporty bra for weekends, under floaty dresses, and as a layering piece under billowy tops. It is the most comfortable thing, possibly ever.

AA Cross-back Jersey Bra (not pictured) -- These cost a measly $16 and lasted me three years, so yeah, nuff said. The black version is especially versatile with black dresses as a layering piece, and under white tee shirts for a little edge. Especially perfect for the summer, because who needs or wants padding in the summer? (See it in action at the end of this post)

Gap Favorite Gingham Wireless Bra (top right) -- the "Favorite Wireless" bras are the most versatile, and I love the pretty pattern and front seams on this version, which make it feel a little more special than a basic black or peach-tone bra.

AA Fine Tricot Bralette (not pictured) -- A nice basic. The silhouette may not be for everyone (very "natural"), but easy to wear beneath sweaters and drapey tops. (I'm wearing it beneath this dress)

Gap Favorite Wireless Bra (bottom left) -- A great foundation beneath tee shirts, button-ups, and other garments made with thin material. This bra does what it's supposed to do and is completely invisible under tee shirts, which is key. The straps also convert to cross-back. Win-win. I appreciate the added shaping of the "Favorite" series, while I love a natural silhouette, I find that with tee shirts and draped tops I like a little more structure.

Aeropostale Cross-back Sports Bra (not pictured) -- The multiple straps and sheer mesh sides make this not only a great sports bra, but an amazing croptop or layering piece as well. Also, super affordable and well constructed. (See it worn as a crop top here)

Gap Favorite Bralette (bottom right) -- Comfy and perfect for weekends or beneath thicker tops or dresses.

*Reader Bridget made an excellent point, suggesting that one get fitted every year by a professional. It's important to know your true cup/band size to ensure you're making informed decisions and purchasing the correct size for your body.

**Opinions are my own and gleaned from personal opinion/experience. While this is not a sponsored post, some of these links are affiliate links, which mean that if you make a purchase, I may receive a small commission.