Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lookbook: Madewell Autumn 2013

Madewell Fall 2013 photo 8f1aebe88bd6afee09345c56b99d82ea_zps71346a88.jpg
Madewell Fall 2013 photo ea2ee8c9e856e53ed2a5ff0f206ec020_zpsd8c6171d.jpg
Madewell Fall 2013 photo 6e845d1f8af05fd939c22c008a2c46e5_zpse74fd725.jpg
Madewell Fall 2013 photo a97655691912763f55dd4bea4349fe3f_zps00f8d567.jpg
 photo 91ab106b94b8b4fbc09fd0b9031b974f_zpsebe666fc.jpg
Madewell Fall 2013 photo 96b86e169d13a1fe64ac692a11ff1cda_zps2d6928c3.jpg
Madewell Fall 2013 photo 530f72f506a723b7d1a57b85213fdb15_zpsaa18213a.jpg
Madewell Fall 2013 photo 2da6e92e3f04f7454c7d438d7ce792c5_zps1eff5299.jpg
Madewell Fall 2013 photo 811461f2a000959fb1f4ac269148572d_zps1acb0b78.jpg

Perhaps my northern upbringing is to blame, but each fall -- regardless of how bohemian my summer has been -- a sort of preppy practicality seems to sneak into my wardrobe. As I very slowly transition my summer wardrobe to fall, I've been keeping these simple looks from Madewell in mind. Easy, a little preppy, but kinds badass too. I dig it.


marina miouprincess said...

some great looks here! Love the ones with the baseball caps!


iris said...

Don't even start me on Madewell! Their shoes are pretty much the best things ever. But also $200+ :(

Fleur De Moi said...

Can't go wrong with Madewell. Everything they make is gold.

Orchid Grey said...

Iris- I know, everytime I lust over a pair of Madewell loafers, I die a little inside at the pricetag

Jesse said...

its too good, but i try to use their look book as an idea board for my own closet where i can only buy a few new items each season and work with the rest. but, i would seriously love those leather chaps.

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