Thursday, September 26, 2013

Let's Meet in St. Louis!

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A huge 'Thank You' to the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission for providing my travel, and to The Cheshire for providing our accommodations!

This time next week, I'll be en route to St. Louis for St. Louis Fashion Week! This will be my first visit to St. Louis, and I couldn't be more thrilled to not only be with a group of amazing bloggers -- including Tieka, Elizabeth, Erin, Keiko, Lindsay, and Michelle -- for my first visit to the city, but to be attending an exciting roster of events as well. Both local and national designers will be showcased, including Samantha Pleet, Eva Franco, and Laura Kathleen.

If you're in St. Louis, or thinking about visiting the area, check out the full schedule here, and go here to purchase tickets! I'll be visiting from the 3rd through the 6th, hope to see you there!

PS- If you live in St. Louis, or have visited before, I would LOVE to know your recommendations for fun things to do!


M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

Sounds like so much fun. I don't usually do this, but since you are new to St. Louis, I do have a St. Louis list of fun things to do. I live here and just made it the other day :)

Catherine said...

I was just St. Louis for a conference last week. You should visit the City Museum!

Michelle | said...

Woohhoooo I'm exciteddd! 8) Everyone will tell you that City Museum is incredible--and they're very right!

Sarah said...

if you have a way to get around i would highly recommend getting out to Cahokia Mounds in collinsville. its a prehistoric native american city and it is really cool! the Laumeier sculpture park is really cool too. plus, all the other stuff mentioned too!

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