Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Before I Die I Want To...

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Photos taken by Erin, thank you!
What I wore:
Dress: Mink Pink (UO super sale, love this one)
Boots c/o Choies
Fringe necklace: Gift (find it here)
Stone necklace: Moorea Seal
Long necklace: Various
Bag: Vintage coach/ thrifted

I wore this to visit Erin in Cleveland

A couple of weekends ago, I drove out to Cleveland for brunch and a day of vintage and thrift shopping with Erin. Every few months, I'm struck by the fact that I haven't left Pittsburgh in, well, months, so it's always a welcome change of pace to leave PGH behind in favor of something different. On this particular day, after a pretty amazing lunch, Erin showed me around the West Side Market, where this wall is located. I'm fairly certain I've seen a similar, albeit less formal wall on the North Side of Pittsburgh, but essentially: people write what they want to do, or hope to accomplish before they die. It's neat to read off what others have written, and though I didn't add my own admission to the wall, I found it thought provoking nonetheless. What would I have written? I'm not sure, there's just so much that I hope to do, to accomplish, to see before I check out. I guess that might be it: I want to travel more. What would you have written?

Outfit-wise, I kept it easy. I've been favoring flat shoes lately, just for simplicity and comfort's sake. When I'm out and about I need to be able to move, to be unencumbered. I've been wearing these boots non-stop for exactly that reason, they're so comfortable and an easy addition to a dress and jewelry on the weekend (I love this pair too, and imagine they'd look great with jeans).


Maggie said...

I saw a great TED talk on this! The artist, Candy Chang, orginally started one in New Orleans :)


Unknown said...

i love your boots! :)
Irene Wibowo

ElizabethMJaocb said...

love this look on you! and your hair! amazing.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad these photos turned out well! Those boots were totally badass. xoxo

Elissa said...

I love that necklace, it's so unique. The gift giver really knows you well!

Jennifer said...

I adore the idea behind this wall! I'd love to visit it, or another like it, one day!

xo Jennifer


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Megan said...

Love this dress!

<3 Megan

Unknown said...

Just discovered your blog, absolutely loving those shoes!


Veronika Novotny said...

What a gorgeous outfit! Honestly, your style is always so flawless!! Love that dress paired with the boots and layered jewelry... swoon!

And I'm loving this wall, must have been so inspiring, and I'm with you, not sure what I would have written. There is still so much I want to do!

By The Shore

sara said...

As Maggie posted above, yes "Before I Die" is public art and you are correct - there is a version of it on the Northside! Very close to my home, actually. It's on the east side of the Allegheny Center Square, right as you come around the bend from East Ohio St.

Liz said...

I found you randomly on Bloglovin and was stoked that we both live in Pittsburgh! Keep up the awesome.


Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

That's a pretty cool idea! I'm with you...I'd definitely want to travel more. I want to go to New Zealand before my time is up. I would definitely regret it if I never did.

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