Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Laura Callaghan's Lovely Illustrated Ladies

 photo wiccansrgb2_950_zpsb586f312.jpg
 photo dressingtableweb5_zpsd141818b.jpg
 photo fortunecookieweb_950_zpse8340f74.jpg
 photo roomweb_zpsa3a8e0de.jpg
 photo sundaygirlrgb2_950_950_zps2eae8b7e.jpg
All images ©Laura Callaghan

Bodacious babes, a heavy dose of contraband, and a mish-mash of pattern? Right. Up. My. Alley. I can't get enough of illustrator Laura Callaghan's bright and bold illustrations, which feature layer upon layer of color, pattern, and meaning. The first, 'Wiccans' is by far my favorite.


Kailey said...

her stuff is so incredible! Can't ever get over how beautiful the clean lines are & all that detailing!

Alison said...

Amazing! The Wiccan print is also my favorite. Takes me part to being 12 all over again (hey - The Craft had just come out).

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing and introducing us to such much talent.

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