Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weekly Wishlist & Friday Favorites

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1. Ruche rose-printed maxi dress -- 20% off sitewide w/code "5THBDAY20"
3. Spotted Moth beaded necklace -- 30% off sitewide!
4. Lulu's red snake skin heels -- extra 20% off sale w/code "PALM20"
5. ShoeMint "Lane" booties -- Save 20% by clicking the ad to the right -- Enter to win a pair!
7. Adventurer Vintage 1990's mini skort -- 15% off w/code "ORCHIDGREY"
8. Passionfruit 2.0 is on it's way! Have you tried out the platform yet?

Hope you're having a lovely weekend! I spent the day yard-saleing, and attempting to bring order to our apartment (a fruitless task).

A few more things I'm loving this week...
// Loved this post on Remaining Grateful from Good New Santa Barbara!
// The perfect 70's disco dress from Mystery Girl Vintage -- 15% off w/code "ORCHIDGREY"
// How amazing does Monica look in her high-waisted jeans?! I love it when people step out of their fashion comfort zones, it always pays off!
// The cutest 60's mod dress from Yeye Vintage Boutique -- 20% off w/code "yeyelovesorchid"
// This skirt from Ferris Wheel Vintage is so dreamy! -- 20% off w/code "ORCHID20"
// It blows my mind that people think Kate Upton is fat.
// Love these classic cork wedges!
// Pretty nail polish for summer.
// The Charles River opens for swimming for the first time since 1950, would you do it?
// So in love with these high-top platform Chuck Taylors (well, a close 2nd to Chuck Taylors).
// Have you seen Wasabi-Chan yet? She's so cute, and I love a good rescue story!
// The prettiest embroidered white skater dress.
// White ankle boots, perfect for now and later!
// The cutest beach babes.
// Love this cheetah-print dress!
// JK Rowling (ahem...Robert Galbraith) published a new book!

Have a great weekend!


Sandra said...

great links as always!

that maxi dress is really cute.

love that wasabi cat story also.

that kate upton thing is kinda scary!she just has a different body shape and a bit of a wide tummy.

looking at films from the 50s and 60s(even 70s) it's surprising to see that these girls had LEGS ! i mean thighs. and tummies! not sticks.

the world can be really messed up sometimes...

Anonymous said...

That necklace is fantastic. I love how each shape is a little different from the others. Great color palette too!

Valentina Duracinsky said...

How lovely!

Valentina Duracinsky Blog

MarieBayArea said...

Kate Upton is so gorgeous. The cat story melted my heart. The beach babes rock. And I always appreciate a reminder to be grateful.

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