Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weekly Wishlist & Friday Favorites

 photo OrchidGrey_JuneOutfit2_zps6bd40f37.jpg
1. Ruche rose-printed maxi dress -- 20% off sitewide w/code "5THBDAY20"
3. Spotted Moth beaded necklace -- 30% off sitewide!
4. Lulu's red snake skin heels -- extra 20% off sale w/code "PALM20"
5. ShoeMint "Lane" booties -- Save 20% by clicking the ad to the right -- Enter to win a pair!
7. Adventurer Vintage 1990's mini skort -- 15% off w/code "ORCHIDGREY"
8. Passionfruit 2.0 is on it's way! Have you tried out the platform yet?

Hope you're having a lovely weekend! I spent the day yard-saleing, and attempting to bring order to our apartment (a fruitless task).

A few more things I'm loving this week...
// Loved this post on Remaining Grateful from Good New Santa Barbara!
// The perfect 70's disco dress from Mystery Girl Vintage -- 15% off w/code "ORCHIDGREY"
// How amazing does Monica look in her high-waisted jeans?! I love it when people step out of their fashion comfort zones, it always pays off!
// The cutest 60's mod dress from Yeye Vintage Boutique -- 20% off w/code "yeyelovesorchid"
// This skirt from Ferris Wheel Vintage is so dreamy! -- 20% off w/code "ORCHID20"
// It blows my mind that people think Kate Upton is fat.
// Love these classic cork wedges!
// Pretty nail polish for summer.
// The Charles River opens for swimming for the first time since 1950, would you do it?
// So in love with these high-top platform Chuck Taylors (well, a close 2nd to Chuck Taylors).
// Have you seen Wasabi-Chan yet? She's so cute, and I love a good rescue story!
// The prettiest embroidered white skater dress.
// White ankle boots, perfect for now and later!
// The cutest beach babes.
// Love this cheetah-print dress!
// JK Rowling (ahem...Robert Galbraith) published a new book!

Have a great weekend!