Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekly Wishlist & Friday Favorites

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I am just so happy it's Friday! After the whirlwind of last weekend, I'm looking forward to catching up on sleep, catching up on this blog, and cleaning my apartment. That last one isn't very exciting, but this spring weather calls for some spring cleaning. And spring dresses.

Here's what caught my eye this week...
// Love the fruit prints of this bathing suit- strawberries- lemons- watermelon!
//  A pretty gold purse from Ferris Wheel Vintage! save 20% w/code "ORCHID20"!
//  This cool mod top from Velouria Vintage. Save 15% w/code "ORCHIDVTG"!
// Love this folk art dress from Mystery Girl Vintage. Save 15% w/code "ORCHIDGREY"!
// This skirt form Yeye Vintage Boutique is pretty perfect. Save 35% w/code "MAYMADNESS"!
// A southwestern canteen from Adventurer Vintage. Save 25% w/code "MOVEOUT"!
// One of my favorite female artists responds to a bunch of "uncool jokers".
// A pretty midi dress.
// Love these faux-leather shorts.
// Loved this story about an Albuquerque, NM restaurant owner. He dances to work, I need to start dancing to work.
// These simple sandals would be perfect dressed up or down.
// Dress perfection: this daisy dress, a tie-dye dress, this geo-print dress.
// I understand that these two articles were written with women in mind who are of a larger size than I, but I believe both of them speak to women as a whole and are worth reading, especially if you've ever struggled with feeling confident, with low self-esteem, or with just feeling bummed about yourself in general: Make em' Look on Rookie (some of my favorite bloggers are mentioned), and this one from The Militant Baker.
// Bet you didn't know you needed a galaxy donut skirt. You do.
// I love this cat tote.
...The internet was a surprisingly positive place this week.

Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

love the dress


Nicole Young said...

I love everything in this wishlist! That striped dress especially is amazing.

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

This is a wonderful Friday wishlist! I love the yellow dress. So cute and flirty!

xo Chelsea

Kaitlin Milliot said...

I love how many Etsy items you listed here! And that cat tote is a must have.
Nice meeting you at the BBBos Style Summit it Boston, thank you for your amazing discussion!

sewoeno said...

saw a bunch of clicks from your website so i came to check it out! i noticed you have my wrong item linked! you said donut skirt and it goes to another one of my items!! xoxo -sewoeno

Orchid Grey said...

@Sewoeno: whoops! thanks for the heads up! I was also enamored with that pizza tee, ha.

The Littlest Smitten said...

Omg! I need that cat tote!

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