Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Inspired By: Other People's Places

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As Chris and I get ready to move into our new space, I've been thinking about the changes I'd like to make with our decor. Nothing huge, but with a new apartment and new layout come new ideas. I'm excited to have big windows for our plants, wide windowsills for our cats, and a larger kitchen to accommodate a dining table that seats more than two. While we're focused mostly on subtracting from our collection of stuff, there are a few things I'm looking to add to our decor. With yard-sale season upon us, this is what I've been keeping an eye out for:

Unique rugs: Check! While I'll need more than one, I did find an amazing kilim rug this weekend. I'm so excited to no longer have wall-to-wall carpeting in the bedroom, because I love how rugs look (and w-t-w is awful and gross in a rental).

Vintage planters: I have a rather large collection of plants that I only expect to, ahem, grow when we move. I'm always on the lookout for vintage pottery and hanging planters.

A hanging chair: This is the unicorn of thrift-ing/yard sale-ing. I've heard of instances where people found them, but I have yet to see one in the wild.

A new desk: This is something we actually plan to make using lumber from the hardware store and legs from hairpinlegs.com. I still find myself looking for desks when I'm out and about, but I know the only way to get what I really want is to make it. We're excited to have a studio that we can work in at the same time!

While we do hope to own a home someday, something I really appreciate about renting- aside from the ability to explore different neighborhoods/environments- is having the opportunity for quick and- relatively- easy change. You can check out more of my apartment inspiration on my Pinterest board.