Thursday, May 9, 2013

Inspired By: Kenley Collins

 photo carousel_4-60e62e986e385136cb2701471fa4040c_zpsbb5c55f4.jpg
 photo carousel_1-3f95e4709f3814ae0d8a46288c12ab20_zpsdb7f7d43.jpg
 photo carousel_2-5dcf4295b254c299b8e7e50f489f3675_zps9e2a850a.jpg
All images ©Kenley Collins

I love this. So much.


samantha ramage said...

OMG it's so pink ladies! I love!!!


Anonymous said...

The first photo is simply amazing , i love it !

Anonymous said...

love this! Love the 50's look :)

<3 Lianna J @ Salem Style

Sammi said...

I loooooove Kenley's style. These photos are amazing.

xox Sammi

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