Thursday, May 16, 2013


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Top: favorite mug, favorite coffee / the costume workshop at CMU / drawer upon drawer and stack upon stack of buttons at the CMU costume workshop
Middle: An evening Riverhounds game / Sunday breakfast at Dean's diner in Blairsville / String time!
Bottom: A free therapy session / Friday party hair / Spring!

My favorite breakfast: sweet potato hash with apple, onions, cinnamon, Trader Joe's turkey kielbasa, and two eggs cooked in coconut oil. With coffee and water on the side. It's the best, and I eat it nearly every morning. Now that the weather is warming up, I've been experimenting with smoothies in the morning too, but am starting to realize that they leave me feeling hungry for the rest of the day. I wish chia seeds didn't make my stomach upset, because Maria's smoothies always sound amazing.

Listening to...
High school flashback time: I've been listening to the Rancid/Tim Armstrong Pandora station on my to work each morning...and it's awesome. Except it makes me feel old that I used to remember the words to all of these songs, and now I don't. I just mumble incoherently along, with a giant, stupid smile on my face.

Thinking about...
A lot of stuff. You all are probably sick of hearing about this, but: We move in just a few weeks- and we're so excited! The good thing is, we have our place until the end of June, plenty of time to clean up and clear out. One thing I'm really looking forward to is the opportunity to get organized. I've been incredibly frustrated with myself my own disorganization lately, I used to be so on top of things, and lately I've felt like my head is a balloon, not attached to my body. Also, my brother might be moving to Oregon this summer, and that's exciting, but I'm going to miss him. And it's so far away, but it would be so good for him I think. In the simplest terms, he builds snowboard parks for a living and the season is much longer out there, and the snow is better. He's out there now learning how to manipulate park elements using a snowcat, and from what I can tell from his Instagram, he's in heaven.

Our other kitty, Zeb. Hopefully once we move, we'll be able to bring him back to Pittsburgh, though from what I hear from my mom, he's happy as a clam up in Maine. And has since been leash trained! I have a feeling he's going to hate us when he comes back.

Working on...
A new blogging schedule. And generally being more accountable. There are posts that I've had on the back burner for months, despite promises of getting them up much sooner (hello Whole 30 and Content Calendar posts, whoops). But between some insane work projects and wanting to have a life in general, I haven't found the time to complete them and hit 'publish'. I'm thinking I probably won't until after we're settled in to our new place and have the new office/studio set up. Oh well.

How are you this week?

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Jennifer said...

I love your Friday party hair? Tutorial?

xo Jennifer

Amanda said...

I do the same thing when I'm listening to music from my high school days. I will have my ipod on shuffle in the car and all of a sudden some Thrice or Recover will come on and I will get all kinds of excited even though I don't know half the words anymore, haha! I have a feeling the other drivers think I look a little silly rocking out to loud not country music in my car haha! Oh small town living :)

Sending lots of good thoughts that Zeb will be able to move back in with you guys once you are in your new place. And I love that your mom leash trained him!

Katie said...

Trying using avocado in your smoothie! Makes it very creamy and filling.

The Littlest Smitten said...

Oh I want that hash now! Sounds so good. I'm going have to have it this weekend. Things are ok this week. A little health scare with the husband that hopefully is nothing more serious then what we've found out. Getting excited for tour in just over a week! Need to start picking out my outfits for the trip.

Mollie said...

This doesn't really have anything to do with this post but I just read your About page and had to say something about you and your hubby meeting at a skateboarding competition! SO cute:)

Were you both there in the stands or was one/both of you competing?

Orchid Grey said...

Jennifer- thank you, and yes! I'll work on getting a tutorial up!

Amanda- thank you for your Zeb-thoughts!

Katie- thank you so much for the tip, I'll def. try that!

Holly- Sending thoughts to you and your husband, hope all is well :)

Mollie- haha, we were both competing, but believe me when I say the event was very, very small scale! It was put on by our local ski/snow/skate shop and we were both there with our respective crews because we went to different high schools. Chris had a pink mohawk, which I thought was the dreamiest thing ever and he says he liked my giant cargo shorts, but I'm not sure I believe him! :)

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