Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weekly Wishlist & Friday Favorites

 photo OrchidGrey_MarchOutfit1_zps7c671d4c.jpg
4. Bluesville, USA // 1970's Tangerine Dress take 15% off w/ code"orchidgrey"
8. Moorea Seal Jewelry // Amethyst Ring 15% off w/ code "orchid15"

Color! Pattern! It's snowing out right now but that's not stopping me from dreaming of warm weather, vacations, and sun on my skin.

A few more things I'm loving...
// The cutest leather shorts  
// A cute plaid maxi from Adventurer Vintage- 15% off w/code "ORCHIDGREY"
// A summery vintage skirt from Ferris Wheel Vintage- 20% off w/code "ORCHID20"
// This sweet vintage pinafore from Yeye Vintage Boutique- 20% off w/code "yeyelovesorchid"
// This dress from Velouria Vintage is so cool!- 15% off w/code "ORCHIDVTG"
// It's appalling to me that this shirt exists/existed, and I love that Kate isn't afraid to speak up and bring stuff like this to light. I hope you'll join me in sending an email to the company.
// I am completely obsessed with everything in this shop, but especially this dress.
// Love this leather cap.
// A sweet story about a couple that found their son in the subway.
// Love this vintage necklace.
// Love this mash-up, so good!
// Sneaker crush: These classic Vans, these perfect floral Keds, these Nike's.
// A classic midi dress.
// The perfect bikini? Yes, I think so.
// This light would look co cute clipped to my headboard.
// Perfect, perfect sandals.
// More shoe lust.
// Are you on FP Me yet? I'm building my profile today!

Have a great weekend!

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Buttons Apart said...

Great picks! Love the orange maxi dress!

Sita xx

Janika R. said...

I love the glass bead necklace and thanks for the links too.

Liz Nelums said...

I've been mad none sing for spring, too! We got a lil taste here in SF yesterday, but today is totally meh.

The story about the gay couple who found and adopted the baby in the subway totally tugged my heart strings. Strange how life works, eh? Think I might do a post on that one myself. Thanks for leading me too it!


Lily EBVS said...

That geometric cardigan is so perfect -- I've been searching for one for ages! (I have this belief that if I hold out long enough, I'll find it at a thrift store). I really love that amethyst ring, too. Great collection of goodies!

alittlevintagestory said...

Those geometric wedges are amazing!

Nowak said...

great post! love the painting!!

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