Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vintage Babe: Liv

 photo tumblr_mfviuh4P0l1qz9qooo1_1280_zps0f666387.jpg

I don't really think the late 90s count as vintage (my opinion though), but I'm making a concession for Liv. When I was in my teens I wanted to be her in Empire Records (minus the uppers and the whole offering herself up to Rex Manning thing), that major babe in the fuzzy sweater that was headed off to art school. I was going to art school sure, but I definitely didn't feel like a babe back then. At any rate, I like that she made looking tired look hot, because I got under eye bags for days.


MA Dunja said...

Same thing about Empire Records!

But don't talk about her in past tense, she's still a beauty, and her style is pretty fine as well. She still has that Lolita vibe.


daria said...

her and Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith's videos were my dream BFFs, leaving the dream life <3

Michal said...

I had SUCH a girl crush on her in high school.

Anonymous said...

amazing photo of her!
i love 90's!!

Brooke @ You're in Brookelynn said...

Totally agree! This is one of the 90s looks I can get behind :)


Jessica said...

YES. I watched that movie religiously. Love her!

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

I love this SO much - Liv is seriously amazing! I get told sometimes that I look like her (which I COMPLETELY don't see at all!) but it really is quite a wonderful thing to hear! ; )

Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

Sarah Von Spook said...

I loved her in that movie and I just all around love her she is so gorgeous all the time and has the cutest smile.


Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I love her and old shots. My favorite is her whole vibe and look in Stealing Beauty, but just like you I want to BE Cory from Empire. Sheesh.

rachael said...

Ahh, love her vibe! I love that movie - I have actually gone back and watched some stupid movies (like Babysitters Club, omg) just to look at the style and reminisce about choker necklaces ;)

Kate Hough said...

Yes, yes, yes, this photo is amazing. I agree with Daria about the Aerosmith Crazy music video. I love it when she and Alicia pick up the farmer at the end.

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