Monday, February 18, 2013

Life Lately: According to Instagram

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Top to bottom, left to right:
I've been living in sneakers on the weekends // A much needed work-from-home day
Lots of dates with the king of beards // Bowling. I'm awful at big-ball and miss NE style candle-pin
A visit to Akron, OH- thanks to Mandi for all the amazing recommendations! // Bull in a china shop
Pinball wizards // Another view in Akron
Cuddling while I work // an intriguing record #sideboob
Computer, cat, coffee // Zephyr at rest

We've been busy, busy, busy lately- as usual. On Thursday we took a trip to Akron, I'd never been to Ohio and it was a nice excuse to get out of Pittsburgh for the day. Poor Zephyr hasn't had his usual pal to play with lately (Zebediah), and I think he's been lonely and a bit bored. On Sunday we remedied this with a day- seemingly- devoted to snuggling with him (although we did get out of the house for a little while to do other things). This weekend was really about prepping for the Whole 30, we cleaned out the cupboards, the fridge, and the freezer, tossing most of what we had. It was tough only because throwing out perfectly edible- but open- food goes against my waste nothing mentality. We boxed up things we wanted to keep, and bagged up the stuff to donate (canned stuff, unopened pasta, etc.). We then did a huge grocery trip to stock up. I'm excited to share more of our Whole 30 with you, but probably won't mention it much until we're finished, when I'll write a recap post. Did you have a nice weekend?