Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vintage Babe(s): Girl Gang

  photo 5ca09f475a7334a4c9c9aa0f82a9fa63_zps9949bb1b.jpg


Cait Val said...

totally obsessed with that picture!
their lokos are killer & sass is just too much!

xo. c & v
cake & valley

Jul, Life Is A Romantic Poem said...

What a lovely photo :) they're all so young and fresh! I especially love the pose of that girl in the middle.
My blog: Life Is A Romantic Poem

blue roses said...

i am not a (regular) smoker (i will confess, i enjoy a cigarette every now and again, for taste, and some adolescent rebellion nostalgia), but i love the long, thin cigarettes these girls have. so nonchalant and just fabulous.

The Littlest Smitten said...

So awesome!

Heather P. said...

Man, I wish I was that cool at their age!

Morgan Erina said...

I left that comment on your Vine, but it would only let me post so many letters! haha I was saying how WYEP keeps mentioning my band Broken Fences because we are playing the Souper Bowl on Sunday at 12! You should come, it's so relaxed and cool, and you can bring canned goods with you to donate. Also, you get to see/meet Cindy who does the morning show on WYEP. It's going to be at the library in Oakland and it is free! Ok, now I've taken up enough comment space haha

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