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So, I've never really been one to change a post completely due to a comment- and maybe I'll even catch some flak for it- usually I'll add an edit with my opinion or a block of text to further explain something, but today, I'm just changing the damn thing. This post originally featured this image. And while Anon makes a valid point in their comment and offers something to think about, this was also a personal decision because I don't exactly agree with everything stated in the image, namely: "Being in love means being willing to ruin yourself for the other person". That doesn't align with my thinking, and I wouldn't want my readers to think that it does.

But I do think that sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something! So, consider this jumble of words my first attempt. Of course, sucking at something can often just mean that it's not for you and you're doomed to suck at it forever- like the trombone, the clarinet, soccer, the ski team, remembering dates in art history, math, and how to properly pronounce "strategy".


blue roses said...

ooo, i LOVB susan sontag and i LOVE brain pickings.... such a wonderful media forum, so well curated and always fascinating.

if you like brain pickings, you should check out open culture.... slightly different format and general aim, but lots of new things to learn and discover there!


Megan said...

This is just wonderful. I love the watercolor, too!


Anonymous said...

I honestly enjoy your blog most days but must say that the mere quoting of this "woman's" views are overshadowed by her callousness and venom. This woman said, "The white race is the cancer of human history". How can anyone talk of her and leave out her self absorbed hate as you have here? The very obvious disaster for the American women's movement she produced is demeaning at best and horrific at worst.
I cannot see her as anything other than a want to be artist with a mock air of poor breeding.
To quote someone is to lend creed to all their views, and I cannot as a self respecting woman of class align myself with anything this perversion of art said. I also cannot say I enjoyed finding this drivel about her projecting her in a warm light on one of my most visited fashion blogs this morning.
Sorry Orchid you missed the mark with this one.

Orchid Grey said...

Anon, I see where you're coming from, and how I remained unaware of that particular quote, I have no idea. I am not in the habit of changing posts drastically, but I did so with this one partially because of your comment, but also because I realized that I do not agree with a couple of the quotes stated in the image itself. However, I don't entirely agree that sharing/enjoying a quote means aligning yourself wholly with the quoted's views, just like enjoying someone's company doesn't mean you have to enjoy everything about them.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and for reading.

Bethany said...

I love Adventure Time so much :)

Laura said...

I really appreciate the way you addressed this reader's differences.
I would maybe just ad that we look to blogs to gather and exchange ideas, whether those ideas are about fashion, art or philosophy. It is okay to not always agree with someone's choices on tucking in sweaters(;)) or enjoying a certain writer, without asking them to remove the post or appologize. If we limit the space to only ideas that everyone can agree on, we may no longer have room.

CreatureType.com said...

Whoa, the anon message gives me bad vibes--"woman" in quotes? "poor breeding", "as a self respecting woman of class"... barf.

You clearing were not "lending creed to all their views" by linking or quoting or whatever happened and I wouldn't stress about it, doll. You constantly prove to be a thoughtful, well-meaning person.

As they wisely say, haters gonna hate.

Mallory said...

The only way I was EVER able to remember dates for Art History tests was by taking a blank sheet of computer paper, dividing it up into various randomly placed sections as needed with an individual and memorable border (zigzag, cloud-like, etc). Come test time, I could visualize which section on the paper the info was in. It became a kind of photographic memory thing for me!

an.perez said...

this whole post- you're changing it, afraid to catch flack- just made me giggle. Thanks for being humble/honest/whatever the right word is! <3

Coco said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Coco said...

Julie, I adore your blog. Have for a long time (and will continue to do so.)

I feel like Anon's reaction was...well, reactionary (and limiting.) I think that illustration of Sontag's Love meditations' evolution is fascinating. And, as a side note,there's an obit of her on Slate by someone I don't particularly care for (Christopher Hitchens,)and while I don't agree with all he says, I can still say I think it's a good piece. xo

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being so open minded. It is a rare thing to find a blogger such as yourself who responds in such a pleasant fashion to one of their readers.
In an age where many online journalists and bloggers do not care for the truth it is a breath of fresh air to see that some still do.
As far as anyone "giving you some flak for it" I wouldn't worry about them. You showed your strength of decision when presented with a truth unknown to you with grace and class. That reaffirms so much as to why yours is one of my favorite fashion blogs. You not only have a great sense of fashion for the body but also a strong sense of self and that is a truly beautiful thing.

I also want to say your vintage fashion finds and how you put them together are more stylish than any other blog I read. Have a wonderful night Orchid.

Dahlia said...

Totally agree with CreatureType.

"Poor breeding" stuck a major bad chord with me. Classism is not an intelligent way of critiquing someone's arguments or thoughts.

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