Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Favorites & Life Lately

Insta: Listening to Black Sabbath at the bar, a creepy cookbook from the Center for Reuse, working from home with a lazy oaf
El Seductor, figs with honey, Johnny Cash Night at the Elks Lodge last weekend
Hanging out with Zephyr

I'm so excited it's the weekend! Do you have any fun plans? I'm feeling super motivated thanks to the cooler weather and I'm looking forward to getting stuff done around the house, hanging out with friends, and...well, who knows. Chris is hell-bent on singing karaoke now that he knows I know all the words to Brandy, You're a Fine Girl. I'm resistant. 
This cooler weather! I know I sound like a broken record, but I can sleep at night! I don't break a sweat when I walk outside! Running doesn't feel like death!

So I picked up The Paris Wife and John 1939 last week's not going well. I wish i could say I'm excited about them, but I don't think it's the right time for either. I'm not saying I'm giving up, but I think I just need something different right now. I grabbed them both in haste as the library was closing, so I think I just need to go back and peruse.

Excited for:
Thrifting/yard saleing/estate saleing this weekend, the Propelle Style Summit (more on that next week), switching out my summer clothes for fall, upcoming work projects, generally getting shit done that needs to get done. I love the renewed sense of motivation that comes with a new season.

Working on:
More hair tutorials! Basically, I'm lazy and have set out the past couple of weekends determined to photograph some new how-tos, but get sidetracked by relaxation and thrift stores. This weekend I am determined to photograph at least two, plus I have a new hair tool to review. I must make this happen. Actually, one thing that has made this a little more difficult to accomplish is being without a camera remote. When we moved, despite how horribly disorganized we packed, my camera remote is the only thing we lost. And I think it's in my car. This is a piss poor excuse due to the fact that those things cost under $20 bucks.

Here's what I'm loving from around the web this week:

This dotted sweater from Ruche looks so cozy. I'd pair it with a navy skirt and metallic loafers.

Lulu's is now carrying Wildfox jewelry! My favorite piece is this skeleton collar necklace.

This fringed bag from Spotted Moth has perfect fall colors in it.

InfinEight is on vacation this week, but you can sign up to be notified when she returns!

This little shift dress from Bluesville, USA is so cute! Get 15% off your order with the code "orchidgrey"!

This chevron bracelet is so beautiful! I love blue lapis.
I'm in love with this scalloped mini skirt! It's just too perfect.

I really need to refresh my tights collection this fall, I think an ombre pair is in order. 

Out of my price range, but no less awesome.

Leah Reena Goran's cat print dress is on sale! Swoon.

5 Meaningful Ways to Help Others.

Would you vote for Tuxedo Stan? (I Would)

A couple of new-to-me blogs I'm into this week: Zero Style, Miss Indie.

This commercial is pretty awesome.

Headphones for cats. Finally.

  Have a happy weekend!


Melissa said...

I can't wait for more hair tutorials. You always have the best hairstyles.

<3 Melissa

meghan said...

ahhhhh that last picture of you & zephyr is amazing! so cute!!! have a great weekend lady!


Jennifer said...

I am really excited to be able to run in the cooler weather too!

xo Jennifer

Adrienne said...

LOVE LOVE the pictures of your cats! I've never really been a cat person, but we've recently been adopted by an abandoned kitty we've fallen in love with and named Roux. :) I wish he'd get on my back like that!!


Sarah @ Tulle and Trinkets said...

That cook book is so Peter Max! I hope your Saturday evening/Sunday are great!

Hanna Lei said...

Your cat is so cute!

Bostonista said...

Such cute pictures! I'm not a fan of cats in general (especially the one that I currently live with) but yours are so cute I might have to change my mind!


The Littlest Smitten said...

So happy to hear you are doing more hair tutorials. I need more ideas for this long mane of mine. Loved the 5 Meaningful Ways link. Good questions even for oneself. I too am so happy about the cooler weather and ready to put my summer clothes away finally. I love rediscovering my fall/winter clothing. Having a good weekend so far. Spent last night celebrating a friend's birthday with a Hamptons theme and lots of clam and oysters. Such good food! Hosted brunch for my sister and niece today which was such a treat as I haven't seen them in a while. Tonight we'll be heading over to a friends new place for dinner. Have a great rest of your weekend!

Amy C said...

Oh man, I'm excited for your hair tutorials, you're always working some rad hair game!

Also I wish my cat was as photogenic as your two!

Anonymous said...

Hey, girl i just wanted you to know that for some reason i can only view your pictures and not the text that goes with the pictures, same goes for my gals (a bunch of girls/fans of yours), don't really know what's up with that but in order to view the text we have to refresh the page several times. Check it out will you?
Plus did you pick the Lulu's giveaway winner?

Orchid Grey said...

Anon, thank you so much for the heads up! I have a feeling that it might have something to do with using my work PC vs. my Mac at home to write posts. I'll definitely check it out and try to fix it! Also, yes! I've chosen the winner but keep forgetting to announce it! thank you for the reminder, I'll announce this week! Cheers, Julie

Mandy Ferrugia said...

Oh my goodness, thank you so much for including my blog! That is so sweet of you! :)
xo Mandy

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