Monday, May 23, 2011

Mini Spotlight: Spotted Moth, Bearcat Vintage, & Spring Smith Studios!

Oh man, today is definitely a monday. Here are some weekend-worthy items from my sponsors to get us out of this monday rut:

Spotted Moth has some super cute dresses lately, I love a good dress to lounge around in! Don't you love the denim Home Sweet Home Dress? I'm a huge sucker for maxi dresses lately, they're so comfy! A couple of my favorites: The Troubadour Maxi Dress, and the Wanderlust Dress in Orange?

Bearcat Vintage has a great selection of 90's mini-skirts, don't they make you think of summer? The Daisy Skort is so classic, while the Neon Green Pleated Skirt and Bubblegum Pink Leather Skirt are perfect for wearing to a show.

And while wedding photography might not be "weekend related", guess who got engaged this weekend! Congratulations, Spring! So, who shoots a wedding photographer's wedding?


Silly Little Blonde said...

Who does shoot a wedding photographers wedding? This is a question me and my partner are currently battling! Anyone he aspires to is way (and I mean waaaay!) out of our price range - and all the ones we can afford he pick holes in! Luckily he may have a few photographer friends up his sleeve :)


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