Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mini Spotlight: ModCloth, Bearcat Vintage, & Spring Smith Studios!

I usually try to keep some kind of congruence between the items I choose to highlight each weekend, but this week is all about things that have caught my eye, regardless of whether or not they make sense together:
Have you seen ModCloth's puppy models yet? SO cute! We don't have a dog (yet) but you can bet that if we did, it would be sporting one of these chic collars (L to R): Picnic Pup Dog Collar, Paw-k Avenue Dog Collar, Rose Bud-dy Dog Collar. ModCloth, if you ever need cat models, let me know!

Have you visited Bearcat Vintage recently? Jenny has stocked her shop in preparation for summer, and things are looking cute! I love: 90's Grunge Button Up Jumper Dress, 90's Grunge Black Floral Midi Skirt, and the Floral Halter Neck Romper!

After how beautiful it was on Sunday, I'm thinking warmer weather might finally be here, time to schedule our engagement shoot with Spring!


kate gabrielle said...

I have twilight zone music going in my head right now... I tweeted modcloth to ask if they were planning on carrying cat collars at the same time that your tweet for this post showed up in my timeline, so I clicked over and saw your cat collar suggestion (honestly, so many modcloth fans are crazy cat ladies... they need to get cat collars pronto!) andI was seriously thinking about buying that 90's jumper dress last night. Maybe this is a sign that I should buy it.. :)

Sorry for the weird long rambling comment!

Orchid Grey said...

hah, don't feel sorry, I think it's so funny when stuff happens like that!

Stacey Kay said...

So true about the cats. I swear, if they sold cute cat collars like that I might have to jump on it!

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