Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mini Spotlight: Ruche, Blowfish & Noble Town Vintage

Can't you just picture all of these items together? I think, combined, it makes for a pretty sweet spring date outfit. Take a stripy dress, add a little jacket and bag, maybe some cork soled heels, and a statement necklace, and you're ready for a night out. I love thinking of my favorite items in terms of outfits, and in this case i feel as if the wares offered from my sponsors complement each other so well:
Dress, jacket and bag from Ruche. I love Ruche's selection of sweet, vintage inspired dresses and separates, coming into warmer weather I'll definitely be checking back often for new arrivals!
Have you seen the new designs from Blowfish? I love the fabrics and cork soles, plus they all look so comfy. a few of my favorites: Georgia, Butter, and Baku.
Some of my all time favorite jewelry hails from Noble Town Vintage where it's hand made by Sarah. I love the variety of beads, stones, and finding she uses in her vintage pieces. A few I'm loving: Raw quartz nugget, black bead fringe, vintage brass chevron.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my sponsors! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!


Rachel said...

I love Ruche! They always have such cute stuff!

Vanessa said...

I really love Blowfish's new products - all of them are so cute and animal friendly :o) Also, that last necklace is perfection.

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

You have some pretty amazing sponsors girl! :D

Marlena said...

I loooove the Baku shoes, I can see them making a dress outfit interesting

Steffy's Pro's and Con's said...

love the heart bag, how adorable!!

Stef / Diversions said...

That dress is to die for *swoon*

Rosy Rocha said...

I love that black cute would that pop whith an amazing white sheath dress?!

Erin and Caroline said...

I love Blowfish! Not only are their shoes..they are SUPER comfortable. I'm also loving the fabric and cork.


Beth said...

Thanks so much for the post!! You picked out some of my favorite items! We adore your styling suggestion. :)

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