Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mini Spotlight: ModCloth, Bluesville USA, & Pulp Vintage!

March has got to be one of the most wishy-washy months out of them all, in the past week we've experienced 30 degree days, 70 degree days, and 45 degree days. With a month that doesn't know what it wants, it's best to layer, layer, layer! Brighten up your looks with a little lace, but don't put those sweaters away yet:
Start with a lacy top from ModCloth, the lace is a great way to add texture and a hint of spring to your ensemble, plus it looks great layered over tanks and dresses. I like these three: Peek from the Peak Top, Free to Feel Lovely Top, Boutique Shopping Top.
Next, add a draped cardigan from Bluesville, USA. Big, oversized sweaters are a great way to toss aside that bulky winter coat, without sacrificing warmth. I'm loving the Camel Looped Swing Coat, The Faux Fur Forrest Green Sweater, and the Camel Ribbed Cardigan. See something you like from Bluesville, USA? Enter the code "orchidgrey" to receive 15% off your order at checkout!

Last, add some pattern with a piece from Pulp Vintage. I love the 70's Leaf Print Dress, The Vintage Horse Print Mini Skirt, or the Vintage Navy Polka-Dot Skirt.


Erin and Caroline said...

oooh. Thank you very much for these tips! Yes March is the wishy-washiest of them all...and what the heck first day of Spring was pretty much the rainiest day ever!

-Erin (

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

I'd go for lace+polka dot! :D

Fash Boulevard said...

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