Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mini Spotlight: Ruche & Bluesville, USA!

I have officially made the mistake of allowing myself to dream of spring time, the floodgates have opened and visions of clear sidewalks, blooming flowers, and bare legs have filled my brain. I say this, of course, on the eve of another snowstorm that will cover everything with an additional 8 inches of fluffy white snow. Ah, but to dream! I've been slowly compiling a little list in my head of what I'd like to wear come spring...
Have you visited Ruche yet? I'm just about dying over all the Spring pieces that are coming in daily (including the maxi dress I wore last week). I'm looking forward to experimenting with longer hemlines this year, and I admit to being just a little obsessed with the Waiting for Love to Arrive skirt. It would look great with some tall shoes and a cropped top. The next two pieces would look great together or separate. I love the cute polka-dots on the Chocolate Chip Croissant Tiered top, and the Play in Gray ruffle shorts would be sweet with a loose spring sweater!
Bluesville, USA is a little gem of an Etsy shop. Stocked with unique bags, tops, and dresses, Amber is a girl who knows her vintage and brings it straight to you. The Toffee Satchel is one of my (and everyone else's) favorite pieces, wouldn't it be perfect for toting along to a job interview? I'm also loving the Burnt Orange Crinkle Button-up, and the Camel Ribbed Cardigan. Don't forget to enter the Bluesville, USA giveaway which ends tonight, and if you just can't wait you can use the discount code "orchidgrey" to save 15% off your order!


Paper Heart Girl said...

The rusty coloured shirt and denim shorts outfit is awesome!!xxxxxxx

Ellie said...

^ I agree about the rusty blouse and denim shorts, lovely pictures!

A Little Brighter said...

Oh my gosh! I am now obsessed with those shorts! Wow!! They are perfect!
Also I have always throught she has one of the cutest etsy stores. I need that satchel in my life!

Ayesha x

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