Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mini Spotlight: Lulu*s & Concept Spring Studios

It's a rainy day here on the North Shore, I'm jealous because I know it's snowing in other places all around us. This can be the downfall of living by the ocean, it usually takes a little while longer for winter to finally show itself. Rainy days are good for lots of things, particularly cleaning and then procrastinating by online shopping. So, I should be cleaning but instead I'm browsing online:
Lulu* has so many cute pieces right now, I'm especially lusting after those Chelsea Crew lace up oxfords. Many of you may have already read on Twitter that I have a new job, one that I can wear my own clothes at. Naturally, this makes me want to purchase new clothes! I love the Bostwick Camel Jacket and Butterscotch Candy Skirt!

It's a relief having a little extra time to breathe these days, especially with a wedding to plan. I can breathe slightly easier too, since we have our photographer all set, Spring from Concept Spring Studios will be shooting our wedding, and I'm so excited!


Kate said...

I really really love that jacket. It's beautiful. Have you bought it yet? Oh you totally totally should. Please.

Orchid Grey said...

haven't bought it yet, but LOVE it!

joy said...

Always have drooled over the stock at Lulu's.

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are darling! If I didn't have months and mountains of snow to contend with, I wouldn't be able to keep them out of my shopping basket!

More than the shoes, though, I'm loving all this brown. I seem to have quickly descended into the realm of black and grey now that winter's come. Brown reminds me of spring.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

A new job? Exciting! I'm thinking I need a new job myself, after Christmas. And that coat and those shoes just ricocheted up my wishlist in record time.

Bea Modisett said...

MAHWAGE! Can't wait to see the engagement photos!!! Ahhh I miss you all! Thanks for the comments on my little travel blog over there...I'm using the Bubble like it's my job and even impressed mister AT hiker Eli with it. I have also made sure that Dan knows Dollywood is in Pigeon Forge. I think he knew that he just doesn't REALLY read what I write...yo' bangs are bangin'!

Hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs

Coco said...

Butterscotch skirt is AMAZING! I really love it!

la vie en broke said...

wow, that skirt is fabulous!! And don't be jealous of the snow, your not missing much, just lots of bitter cold!

--la vie en BROKE--

A La Mode et Plus! said...

Looove that skirt!

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