Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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I was born and raised on top of a mountain in Maine, in a small town of about 1,500. My affinity for clothing and style is somewhat of a mystery, though I tend to credit my mother (though she'll disagree with me) and the peripheral aunt-like women I grew up around who taught me the joys of thrift shopping and vintage clothing from a very, very young age. Could have also been the outdated Vogue magazines that I would steal from the laundrette, but who knows, really. Point is, for as long as I can remember, I've always had a thing for the weird and wonderful ways in which we can transform ourselves through dress. It's a concept I would eventually come to explore in my photography work, and later, on this blog.

I began writing Orchid Grey in the summer of 2009 as a way to bring fashion, DIY, and style back into my life -- having spent the previous seven years wearing all black, first as a moody art student and then as a salon assistant -- while simultaneously working a job that involved none of those things. Despite a co-worker advising me that "blogs are dead", Orchid Grey quickly became a place for me to connect with like-minded women from across the county who shared in these passions. It also helped me realize that I needed a new career.

Since those first initial months of blogging, my life -- and Orchid Grey -- has seen some dramatic changes: I left my job in college admissions to pursue a career in fashion marketing, spent a year and a half working my ass off at multiple jobs (at one point there were five of them), got engaged and married my partner of seven years (we're now going on year 11!), and packed up and moved from my life-long home of New England to Pittsburgh, PA -- a city we knew absolutely nothing about -- to join the Merchandise Copy and Editorial Team at ModCloth.com. In the winter of 2014, after nearly three years in Pittsburgh, we realized it was time to move on. I found a new (dream) job and a new city once again. Boxes were packed, an apartment was found, and that summer we moved to the other side of the state. We now live in the wonderful city of Philadelphia where I work as part of the Brand Marketing team at Free People.

I continue to be a vintage, thrift shopping, and secondhand fanatic and am on a not-so-secret mission to love-up the world's entire cat population. Tacos and coffee are my two major food groups, though I wouldn't recommend eating them together. When I'm not in the studio, at work, or behind a screen, I enjoy climbing tall mountains, submerging myself in large bodies of water, and otherwise separating myself from technology and the modern world.

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