Sunday, June 7, 2009


A list of questions I get asked most often:

Are you a full time blogger?
Nope. OG is my my side project and always will be. By day, I'm a content strategist and copywriter for a superfoods company, and also maintain several freelance clients for whom I produce DIYs and blog posts.

Why did you start a blog?
I started writing Orchid Grey back in 2009 – nearly 10 years ago! I was inspired after reading an article about The Cherry Blossom Girl in BUST magazine, and was looking for a creative outlet I could take with me while on the road as a college admissions counselor. At the time, I was simply looking to bring style and creativity back into my life, I never could have guessed it would influence my career! This blog helped me tap into a dormant part of myself and allowed me to explore options not directly available to me where I was living. While I no longer blog as much as I once did (how on earth did i publish five times per week?!), I love maintaining this space when I can as a way to continue to be creative outside of my career.

Where are you from? What's your story?
I'm from a very small town in Maine, close to the New Hampshire border. Between 2002 and 2011, I jumped between New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. In late 2011 I received a job offer from ModCloth, which required my husband and I to relocate to Pittsburgh, PA and within three weeks, we had packed up all our belongings, said 'goodbye' to family and friends, and were on our way to our new apartment – with fingers crossed and hopes for the best. We stayed in Pittsburgh for two and a half – admittedly shaky – years. We had a difficult time adjusting to our new surroundings and some personal experiences affected our time there. Still, that didn't stop us from diving in and eventually finding our place and our people... but we still longed to be closer to family and always knew PGH would be a temporary thing.

In 2014 we relocated once again to the other side of the state, Philadelphia, for my new job with Free People. We stayed in Philly for three years, during which I left Free People and worked for Etsy, Inc. out of Brooklyn (yes, I commuted – 2 hours each way!). After I parted ways with Etsy in 2017, we knew it was time to follow our hearts and not the big shiny jobs of NYC – and we decided to move back to the state we love: Maine.

How did you meet your husband?
We met in high school at a skateboarding competition, then started dating in 2004 and have been together ever since – almost 15 years!

How old are you?
As of this very minute, I'm 34.

Who takes your pictures and what camera do you use? 
Photos are either taken by myself or my talented husband, we usually use a Canon 70D with a 50mm lens... or an iPhone.

Are your images photoshopped?
Uh, no. I think it's pretty clear they're not. If they were, the bags under my eyes would be ten pounds lighter! I'll use photoshop for color or light correction, but that's it.

Can you share your hair routine?
All posts related to hair can be found here.

Where do you get your clothes?

Most of my clothes come from thrift stores, exchange stores (like Avalon and Buffalo Exchange), flea markets, swap meets, sample sales and vintage stores. Some of my clothes come from past or current sponsors. I try to link to exact or similar pieces at the end of each blog post so readers who are interested in emulating the pictured look are able to. When a piece is not available online, whether due to its vintage or OOAK status, it's sold-out, or otherwise unavailable, a similar item will be linked. Occasionally these links are through affiliate partners, which means I make a very small commission if you choose to purchase a piece.

Do you work with affiliates?
Yes, I work with a few affiliates and occasionally partner with brands on this blog and via Instagram.

Where do you go thrift shopping?
I go thrift and estate sale shopping all over, for tips on thrift shopping, go here. 

What size do you wear? What are your height/weight measurements? 
If you're ever wondering how a garment fits/ how certain sizes run, please feel free to message me on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram, I'm happy to help.

I don't like your __________ (hair, style, face, teeth, feet, perspective, choice of friends, reasons for living, that you didn't like Pittsburgh, life choices...)
That's fine. No one said you had to. All I ask is that you respect the fact that everyone is different, and understand that my life and choices won't be changing because of a random stranger's opinion on the internet. Especially my teeth. They're here, they're big, get used to it. And my face looks like that because it's my face. I say this because someone asked once...

How did you get your job at ModCloth / Free People / Etsy / Four Sig? 
In all of these cases, there was an open position and I applied. Networking also helps.

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