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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NYC for Less Than a Day

In this outfit:
Coat: Gentle Fawn from ModCloth
Blazer: Thrifted ($3)
Stole: Family antique/ Great-Grandmother's
Sweater top: Vintage/ Allen Company ($19)
Jeans: Madewell (sale 2011)
Loafers: Thrifted/ Bass ($3)
Bag: Thrifted/ Coach ($5)

Where I wore it: To New York

Yesterday was a strange one. I've never flown to a destination and then back home in the same day, but that is exactly what a coworker and I did. We had a meeting in the city for work, so we woke up not-so-bright and early (4 AM), missed our first flight, and were in New York by 10am. After our meeting there was just enough time to make a whirlwind trip to Beacon's Closet, before jumping back in a cab and heading back to LaGuardia to catch our flight home. I was back in Pittsburgh having dinner with Chris by 8:15pm.

Since we weren't staying in the city, I wanted to travel as light as possible. Admittedly, I didn't need the coat- it was pretty warm out- but the rest of this outfit worked out well. No jewelry and slip-on loafers made going through security a breeze, and my bag was large enough to stuff my camera inside. And throwing my hair up into a bun is pretty much all I can be asked to muster at 4 AM. It was by far the easiest travel day I've ever experienced, but yes, quite a whirlwind.

PS- my pictures are huge, I know. Photobucket is messing with me, I'm trying to figure it out.

[EDIT] Emily just asked me a great question: "... I don't have any ethical qualms about vintage fur but I have always felt a little nervous or self-conscious about wearing them out and about - has a stranger ever given you a hard time about wearing fur? How did/would you handle it?"

My answer: No one- stranger or otherwise- has ever given me a hard time about this antique stole. I should be clear that I do not in any way endorse the production of NEW fur. However, I have thrifted a couple vintage fur hats, and this particular piece belonged to my great grandmother, it already exists in the world, and it's something that I've had and cherished since I was a child playing dress-up. If someone were to ask me about it, or give me a hard time, I would explain this story to them and hope that they would understand. But, it's also impossible to make everyone happy, and I think that's an important thing to keep in mind.

Monday, February 20, 2012

NYC in Pictures

(Image via Ruche)
(image from The Daybook)

In New York, I: 
Spent eight hours on a bus. Met up with Jen. Participated in the Lulu's Style Studio Event (follow this here link for pictures). Ate the best ever corned beef hash and eggs at 3AM. Had brunch with Sydney Natalie (and their sweet babies), and the lovely ladies from Ruche. Ate more food. Explored the Brooklyn Flea. Found two amazing things for not a lot of money at Beacon's Closet. Ate even more food at the Brooklyn Bowl (and ran into the very awesome Caroline!). Stayed with my best friend from high school. Ate even more food at the Ace Hotel. Had two glasses of wine and got real chatty (sorry for the TMI that most likely happened, Kate). Saw the back of Matt Damon. Got back on the bus for another eight hours.

In New York, I did not:
Take a single outfit shot. Go to any runway shows. Get enough sleep.

The takeaway:
I would much rather spent a weekend catching up with good friends and meeting other amazing bloggers then running around fashion week like a madwoman. I'm officially over feeling pressured to participate in things that I don't feel strongly towards. I packed clothes that were practical. I was comfortable all weekend. I had a great freaking time, but was happy to return home. I feel as though I stayed true to myself this time, I didn't stress myself out, I somehow managed to not get sick. I just had a- relatively simple- weekend away for once!

A big thank you to Lulu's for inviting me to participate in their event (which was lovely and I am so glad I was able to go), to Ruche for inviting me to brunch (that croissant was the best ever), and to Caroline for treating us to some kind of delicious dessert at the Brooklyn Bowl. Come to Pittsburgh and I'll buy you some pierogi (or just a donut)!

How do you feel about Fashion Week?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NYFW: Aubergine and Chambray at Lucky FABB!

(Photos taken by Jen)
Blazer: Vintage thrifted ($5)
Dress: J.Crew sale ($15)
Hat: H&M ($15)
Belt: J.Crew (gift)
Bag: Vintage/Thrift Coach ($14)
I Got Sole Heel c/o ModCloth

When planning all my outfits for New York, I got a little frustrated, as much as I wanted to wear all my favorite combinations of fall attire, the weather had other plans and decided to call for rain and humidity. On the day of Lucky FABB however, I got my wish for a relatively cool and rainy day. Out of all my NYFW outfits, this one was by far my favorite. This vintage blazer has been in my closet since spring, but went unworn until NY. I love the deep purple, velvet elbow patches and purple buttons. I paired it with a new dark eggplant hat from H&M and a J.Crew dress, and the most versatile shoes in my closet from ModCloth. This specific dark purple is my all-time favorite color, but is so hard to find, whenever I come across a piece of clothing of this hue, I immediately scoop it up. You will definitely be seeing this outfit again this fall!

Lucky FABB was a great experience, it was incredible listening to what Diane von Furstenberg and Rachel Roy in particular had to say, two independent women who managed to remain relatable despite their fame and notoriety.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NYFW: Polka-Dots and Hot Pink at ModSwap!

(Jen took my photos)
Dress c/o ModCloth
Chain Bracelet c/o ModCloth
Shoes: Urban Outfitters sale ($9)
Watch c/o La Mer via Lucky FABB

The highlight of our NYFW trip was definitely Friday night's ModSwap. For this swap, The Swapaholics teamed up with ModCloth to host a night of swapping and socializing, not only was it super fun, but this swap was also my first "away game" as Brand Ambassador for The Swapaholics. By the time Friday rolled around, I just wanted to wear something super easy and comfortable, setting up swaps is tiring and I needed to be able to move. I chose one my favorite polka-dot dress from ModCloth, and added bright pink accessories and shoes.

It was such a great night! All of the fabulous ladies (and gent) from ModCloth were amazing and I was so excited to see 1/3 of the Delightful Dozen as well!
Jen and I
Kim, Punky, Me, Ashley
The amazing ModCloth team & The (amazing if I do say so myself) Swapaholics
(photos c/o Adam Towner)

Monday, September 19, 2011

NYFW: Cornflower and Cranberry at the Lulu's Brunch

Tights: AA Super Opaques
I Got Sole Heel c/o ModCloth
Chain Bracelet c/o ModCloth
Bag: vintage/thrifted coach ($14)

Man, it feels great to post some non-wedding outfit shots! I do have a few more wedding related posts planned, but I'm taking a break. It has taken me about a month to get back to a normal routine after August-wedding-madness, and I'm SO HAPPY it's all over. Don't get me wrong I loved my wedding, but it's crazy how one event can completely consume your life, where the HECK did summer go? This week, I'm looking forward to taking it easy, and welcoming autumn air into my life. It's been a bit chilly and I think it's time to switch over most of my summer wardrobe to fall. Also, after a few weeks off from styling outfit shots, I have so much inspiration and so much to share with you guys. I'm totally pumped.

Anyways, I digress. This outfit is from Fashion Week! I'm working a bit backwards, as I wore this on my last day in the city. I've had this dress from Lulu's for awhile, but have been saving it to wear with's a tights kind of dress i.e. it's short. Anyone who has been reading O.G. for a while now will probably recognize my favorite colors here, I love muted blues and purple-y reds, especially paired with my favorite brown shoes. Lulu's was very kind and invited me to a brunch they were hosting at the Crosby St.Hotel, possibly the fanciest hotel I've ever seen. It was great to catch up with/ finally meet some of my favorite ladies like Tieka, Ashley, and Emily.